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We take real world assets and trasition it to the new world of digital assets using blockchain and also the future virtual world in the metaverse with our own mytokenized capital and myverse platforms. The core principles being social impact, sustainable humanity, major disruptive technologies to make the world a better place for all. We call it our socio capitalism business model.

Investing to create an ecosystem that impacts the biggest requirements of resources for the planet, both in terms of community and SDG based projects.

Our Vision

The world we have prepared for no longer exists. But in troubled times, unimagined
opportunities emerge. Our Smart Ecotopia vision aims to create a disruptive ecosystem with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) at its core, where everyone can be the Coin and be their own bank and wealth manager.

Everybody talks about the future, but if you focus on the present, the future takes care of itself. Based on this vision, we are focusing on delivering the right solutions in the present, in order to create a revolutionary future and disrupt the old ways. Smart Ecotopia is more than an ecosystem, it is the way forward.

eWealthTech enables access to financial freedom for everyone through blockchain technology and our wealth sharing platform, and at the same time we follow Sustainable Development Goals and create real life solutions for today’s problems. We are not environmental fanatics, we believe in real life solutions for today’s problems, rather than radical changes that disrupt our day to day life and bring financial burdens.

Our Mission

Our mission is to impact at least 1 billion people’s lives and make the world a better place. We have a unique revenue model that pays people to be part of Smart Ecotopia. We aim to create Quantum Economy corporations, support disruptive technologies and enable entrepreneurs to build ecosystems of life empowering companies.

The big tech giants make money on people’s data and yet they don’t share their ads revenue with the clients that help them make that money in the first place. We aim to disrupt this unfair model and give back to our users, by enabling every person in the ecosystem to be a stakeholder and earn from such income streams. We are financially inclusive to our community via our Community Rewards Protocol (CRP) and Active Interaction Protocol (AIP) which pay every person that is active on our platform, from content creators to people that simply distribute, comment or like any form of content. We believe in fairness and we have a socio capitalistic view, aiming to create a fair distribution of wealth, to break the old greedy patterns. We make wealth together, and share wealth with everybody. Very few intelligent people still trust banks and fiat currency. Banks and governments have tried to stop the revolution, but they haven’t succeeded and a new era is here. A new perspective leads to new actions, and we are part of that revolutionary way of making things happen as leaders, not followers. We need banking, not banks, and we believe that anybody can be their own bank and wealth manager. The little guy has paid enough fees to banks, now it’s the time to disrupt that and use banking as a tool that liberates you, not as hand cuffs that enslave you. Our neo banking and exchange services are here and they bridge the gap between fiat and crypto currencies, in an inclusive ecosystem, especially for the unbanked and underbanked, with wealth creation and wealth sharing at the heart of it all.

Our Goal

The main goal of our investments is to create an ecosystem that meets the biggest requirements of resources and community at large, namely in the areas of water, energy, food and agrotech, wealth/income creation and banking. Our focus is to disrupt traditional banks and big tech social media and create a more fair spread of wealth in a socio-capitalist way, through our Ads models.

We make an unbreakable commitment of building an economy of scale and expertise to cross leverage the whole community and provide a common denominator of core systems and services across it. We promote tech based Universe (MyVerse), EduTech, HealthTech, InsureTech, AgroTech, to create more opportunities for socio-economic distributed autonomous ecosystem, powered by AI and the metaverse. eWealthTech is not only a unique business model, it is a way of taking your financial life in your own hands. Financial inclusion and wealth creation are coupled with Sustainable Development Goals to create a future with no poverty, zero hunger, good health and wellbeing, clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, and many other positive changes that we aim to bring. We respect our promises through seamless execution, adaptability and confidence in our ideas. We have the liquidity committed for the execution of this vision, which makes it a plan, not a dream. Our platform empowers all stakeholders to impact the planet, in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. We aim to create financial inclusion with our client-focused bank, loans and exchange and revolutionise the industry through our asset tokenization platform. With this, we also disrupt traditional banking and big tech models for fair wealth distribution, as wealth sharing is our mantra.

Our ecosystem is backed by real world assets, enabling sustainable humanity with a real social impact. “Think big” is not just a catchy phrase, it’s what motivates us in our actions. When you think big, your expectations from yourself are high, hence you create great things. Ideas change the world, but implementing them the right way changes the world in the right direction, and that is our main focus.

My Real Universe

Tokenization is more than NFTs, and we believe it can radically transform the way we own, invest in and trade real-world assets, creating a more inclusive financial system. With the help of blockchain technology, it is possible to tokenize almost everything, from real estate, to art, precious metals and many other assets. At eWT, we are tokenizing real life assets, as we believe in asset-backed tokens with real value and sustainable business model. We call this My Real Universe (MRU), where Metaverse and tokenization merge to create real life use. Our tokenization of assets platform aims to revolutionize the industry and introduce new ways to finance projects whilst adding value to investors. Many people tell you to think outside the box. We believe there is no box, and the choice to step on the road to financial freedom is yours. When you remove the glass ceiling or the box related constraints, you are the master of your own fate. We all have the power to change what we don’t like, but when we act together, we achieve the change faster.