Sectors We Focus On

  • ECO Projects
  • Fintech
  • Agrotech
  • Edutech
  • Heathtech
  • Blockchain
  • Social Impact
  • Wealth Management
  • Quantum and Nano tech
  • Stable coins
  • Multiverse
  • AI/ML
  • Robotics
  • Supply chain
  • Crypto

WealthTech At a Glance

WealthTech Bank

Integration with MyTC

WealthTech fund

WealthTech Fund Incubator

WealthTech Bank

eWealthTech bank is state-of-the-art bank built for futuristic startups. Our bank is built to connect startups with the world of banking. We offer a superior regulatory structure and superior services serving as bridge between crypto and fiat. eWealthTech bank will provide service to customers such as digital asset traders, fintechs, banks, corporate trusts, pension funds, star-ups and many more. Our focus will primarily be on businesses providing crypto related services.Bank

AI Assistant with could based neural network operating for crypto and fiat products

Transparent and low commission fee structures on blockchain

Concierge, Insurance, Vault & Cold Storage, Card Services

Retail Banking, Commercial Banking and Forex

Hedge and Investment Financial Advice

Neo- Banking with Islamic compliance

Built on smart contracts and blockchain

Cashback, rewords and staking

Defi solutions

WealthTech Fund

We are an early-stage investment fund focusing on high growth startups with an inclination towards making the world a better place. Our team comprises of experienced professionals aad serial entrepreneurs

WT Xchange staking

WT investments

WT Swap + Chain

WT Cards

WT Loans

WT AI based arbitrage

DEX Swaps

WT Insure

WT Education and training