Looking for a disruptive and innovative Venture Studio and VC that develops a Social and Environment Sustainability Impact Ecosystem? Look no further than eWealthTech (eWT) – a game-changer in the world of ReFi ecosystems. With over $1.5B in committed investment for stage one, eWT is one of the world’s largest and most unique ReFi ecosystems. Its mission is simple: to achieve a Beyond Zero status whilst enabling sustainable humanity, financial inclusion, wealth sharing and social impact for at least one billion people.

eWT invests in several SDG projects, including solutions for solar and hydrogen powered energy, food, water, agrofarming, plastic removal, and logistics, to name a few. Its portfolio also includes a carbon credit exchange, several energy savings solutions, datacenter immersion technology, a challenger bank, tokenization of real-world assets and many more, all powered by its Open Social Impact AI (OSIAI). eWT’s social impact and financial inclusion projects delivered via its unique metaverse (MyVerse) includes a disruptive ads platform with social impact through Community Rewards Protocol (CRP), My Real Universe blockchain (MRU), social media and news platforms (Clean Tech Media), multicurrency all in one wallet (SEVA), centralized and decentralized exchange (SWAPEFI), wealth creation services (LAXMI VAULT), rewards and loyalty programs (FRUITS), and several other partner services in Insuretech, Edutech, Agrotech, and Healthtech. Join the SESIE movement and become part of the eWT ecosystem today. This way, we will share the revenues with you, unlike any other big tech or social media platforms. You are truly a part of our family, and you enjoy all the benefits of that.


Artificial intelligence is at the centre of the eWT ecosystem. Through our revolutionary OSIAI (Open Social Impact using Artificial Intelligence), we are on a mission to disrupt the current Big Tech agenda of Algo based AI profiteering. Thus, we make every human the product of value in all their contributions to the social and environment impact.

Our vision is to offer the world a safe open source based AI for social and environmental impact, sharing wealth with all stakeholders. We want to create an ecosystem where humans realise they are a product that the big tech are taking advantage of. People have social and environmental impact on platforms.

This must be incentivized and compensated appropriately. eWT will help achieve this mission via its ecosystem of solutions using OSIAI to ensure users get the most of their footprint across multiple platforms. We are using the OSI model to create a Blockchain and AI addressing all areas ethically in open source, sharing benefits to all in a Decentralised Autonomous Ecosystem (DAE).