Our Vision

The world we have prepared for no longer exists. But in troubled times, unimagined opportunities emerge. Our Smart Ecotopia vision aims to create a disruptive ecosystem with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) at its core, where everyone can be the Coin and be their own bank and wealth manager.

Everybody talks about the future, but if you focus on the present, the future takes care of itself. Based on this vision, we are focusing on delivering the right solutions in the present, in order to create a revolutionary future and disrupt the old ways. Smart Ecotopia is more than an ecosystem, it is the way forward.

eWealthTech enables access to financial freedom for everyone through blockchain technology and our wealth sharing platform, and at the same time we follow Sustainable Development Goals and create real life solutions for today’s problems. We are not environmental fanatics, we believe in real life solutions for today’s problems, rather than radical changes that disrupt our day to day life and bring financial burdens.