Our markets are India, Africa, South America, South East Asia, and we are looking for radical, disruptive, visionary partners for Social and Environmental impact based projects in the following categories:

1. Financial and social Inclusion, wealth creation and sharing, tokenizations of any asset and sharing e.g. art, music, short videos, social media, etc.

2. Clean water solutions and distribution to mainly India, Africa, SE Asia, South America.

3. Energy reduction, conservation based solutions for buildings, datacentres, industries etc.

4. Future Quant based technologies in data, information, processing power, as well as any Algo based applications.

5. Algo based Quant trading systems AI/Ml DL use, including neuro science and performance.

6. AI based neuroperformance based mataverse applications or infrastructures.

7. Any food tech, including agritech, soil generation, afforestation, etc. for helping farmers with additional education and income via higher productivity and carbon credits.

8. Plastics and waste management, collections, recycling, incentivized ecosystem.

9. Community based ventures ranging from education through to employment in a sustainable manner.

10. Blue carbon restoration related platform and ecosystem to incentivize all stakeholders.

11. Carbon credits registry building from all types of credits, including an AI based credit scoring and offset auditing and certification platform.

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