About Us

Smart Ecotopia is powered by eWealthTech, where we are developing an ecosystem for wealth sharing using technology, with a common goal of enabling sustainable humanity, financial inclusion, wealth creation and social impact for at least 1 billion people.

eWT financials include a $1.5B committed investment, plus assets valued at $10B, which makes our journey easier, as we can focus on finding the best projects that fit into our values, rather than worry about the financial aspect. eWT token is backed by real assets under management valued at $10B, so you know what you invest in.

The group’s social impact and financial inclusion projects currently include: an incubator hub for start-ups, SDG impact based projects and companies related to sustainable energy, water, food, carbon credits, and social impact based companies, a carbon credit exchange, several waste to energy, energy savings using technology, a challenger bank, Tokenization of real world assets including minerals and gold mines, oil wells, art, music, movies, etc., Disruptive Ads Platform with social impact through Community Rewards Protocol (CRP), My Real Universe (blockchain & personal Metaverse), social media and news platforms (ACT News), multicurrency wallet (Seva Wallet), centralised and decentralised exchange, wealth creation products, rewards and loyalty, and several other partner services to follow in insuretech, edutech, agrotech and healthtech.

We make our coin sustainable with a utility, possible by leveraging our assets under management, which include our owned pledged mines of gold, bauxite, limestone, black trap and bentonite. Unlike the greedy select few that currently control our finances, we don’t hoard billions of dollars. We share the wealth with the people that join us on the journey to a better future.

MyTC, a Wyoming-based corporation, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of eWealthTech (eWT), where we tokenize real life assets through our revolutionary and disruptive Metaverse called My Real Universe (MRU).

Our SDG mission

Smart Ecotopia powered by eWT focuses on creating an ecosystem that impacts the biggest requirements of resources for the planet, both in terms of community and SDG based projects. We know the importance of Sustainable Development and we are breaking a prefabricated matrix to create a new way of living, aiming to impact at least 1 billion lives.

A kingdom that lasts for centuries is not forged over night, but built with perseverance and a good plan implemented by the right people. With that in mind, we are building Smart Ecotopia as a new sustainable ecosystem ruled by fairness, equality and possibilities.