Bharat Sevak

Chairman and Co-Founder

Bharat Sevak is a serial entrepreneur with experience in several sectors including financial structures and services, movie production, eco-energy, mining, investment funds, M&A, and

international trading.

Mru Patel

Founder & CEO

Mru Patel is a disruptive serial entrepreneur, business visionary, bestselling author and award winning public speaker with more than 3 decades of experience in blue chip organizations like IBM,

Sun Microsystems (Oracle) and Siemens, startup tech, property, investment fund, blockchain, Fintech, Proptech, Tokenizing physical and digital assets, as well as major UK government multi-billion dollar projects. Mru Patel is a graduate in Computer Studies and was at the forefront of disruptive tech innovations. His journey started as a proud leader and visionary for Open Source movement with Sun Microsystems in the 1990s duing the start of the Internet, Java, and several opensource prjects especially the opensource based openoffice and browser based technologies with the very early Java mobiles, and since then he has consulted, worked with or worked for world renowned Fortune 500 companies.

Georgiana Dogaru

Journalist Content Developer

Georgiana is an experienced journalist, content developer, PR and Marketing strategist, with a passion for business. Her career highlights include experience in the mass media field as a news

editor for a business newspaper and television, and for the last six years she has created original content in the blockchain space. Her knowledge and skills in helping the eWT team and to conduct itself professionally to the mass media and creating content for the platform will be exemplary

Khandaker Erfan

CTO & Co-Founder

During 19 yrs. of experience in Fintech and telecom Erfan have helped several technology companies to establish their digital services footprints. More recently as key Head of Africa operation

manager of Mahindra Comviva and COO of SWIFT TECHNOLOGY.

Extensive Core team of various specialists and leading engineers, marketeers and business development staff.

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We have several industry leading advisors who we have also adviced and form part of the ecosystem